At Pulse Automation we continually strive to ensure we provide our clients with a proven world class control technology, designed and commissioned to the highest degree, enabling them to confidently operate their space in a safe, reliable and energy efficient manner.

MYOB Melbourne

MYOB Melbourne Head Office tenancy fit-out with a zencontrol lighting control solution, a fully compliant and certified DALI and DALI version 2 system as per IEC62386 

The project was delivered successfully based on the following specification: 

1) zencontrol Lighting Control System utilising the following:

  • 32 Application Controllers with over 1000 DALI fittings including 124 DALI Emergency fittings across the 4 level tenancy fit-out.
  • Integration with Somfy Blind Controllers.
  • DALI 2 motion sensors and switches.
  • Cloud connectivity for monitoring and support including Emergency lighting testing and reporting.

2) Lighting Control Methodology:

  • All areas are covered by zencontrol DALI2 motion sensors.
  • Large meeting rooms controlled by both zencontrol DALI2 motion sensors & sceneset switches.
  • Enclosed offices and small meeting rooms utilise a combination of zencontrol DALI2 motion sensors & illuminated push-buttons.
  • zencontrol system is integrated with Somfy blind controller for control of both blockout and sheer blinds using a zencontrol sceneset switch.

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