At Pulse Automation we continually strive to ensure we provide our clients with a proven world class control technology, designed and commissioned to the highest degree, enabling them to confidently operate their space in a safe, reliable and energy efficient manner.

Solutions we provide

With the rising cost of energy and a greater emphasis on sustainability, reducing a building’s environmental footprint is not only desirable, but is now mandatory in all new commercial buildings. 

A well designed and implemented solution will not only provide a comfortable working environment for people within the space, it will assist in reducing overall energy consumption. A large contributor to a commercial building’s energy usage is lighting. With the correct control strategies applied to this service, energy savings can be achieved. 

Pulse Automation works with project specifications or can assist in further developing a functional control strategy to maximise energy efficiency and client satisfaction. Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in the control systems industry and we can offer advice on current industry standards, information on technologies as they enter the market, and we can advise on the products best suited to your projects functional requirements and energy saving needs. 

Further benefits of a properly designed and implemented control system can include the ability for high-level integration between Building Services such as mechanical, heating, cooling, security and providing power monitoring. This high-level integration can be used by facility managers to target key areas where savings can be made and to the building occupants assisting in behavioural changes towards reducing emissions. 

Balancing the design and implementation process, whilst ensuring the control solution incorporates functionality, energy efficiency, innovation and cost effectiveness may seem overwhelming. Just as ensuring that the right control strategies are matched with the best technology suited to these requirements. Pulse Automation offers the following solutions:


C-Bus is a proven high quality automation solution in both residential and commercial markets predominately within Australia. A C-Bus automation package can integrate to third party systems such as security, access control and HVAC control via low level or high level methodologies, giving a complete integrated building control package. A wide range of C-Bus Input Units are available to suit specific application requirements. Input units include wall-mounted switches, motion detectors, touch screens and are available in various styles and colours to suit any décor. C-Bus can be used to control virtually any type of electrical load. With C-Bus you can achieve an environment of comfort, convenience, security and energy efficiency.


KNX is an international building control standard that enables the integration and programming of a range of products from many manufacturers using a single software tool. Unlike proprietary protocols which only the manufacturer supports, KNX is an open standard with over 260 manufacturers producing products that all interoperate together for a seamless solution. KNX is the world’s only open standard for building control and automation application for commercial and residential projects ranging from lighting and blind control to systems for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, energy management, irrigation control and metering.


The Philips Dynalite system is a scalable control platform that connects a range of intelligent devices to form a complete control solution. Commands and status information are passed to all devices over an RS485 or Ethernet network using the event-based DyNet protocol. Philips Dynalite control devices include an integrated microprocessor and internal non-volatile memory. This allows each device to store its own configuration data, handle processing requirements for its assigned features and functions, and remember some of its previous states. All device configurations are programmed through the EnvisionSuite series of commissioning, monitoring and control software. The system’s distributed architecture offers excellent reliability and usability and provides flexible control of lighting and other building automation systems. The range of Philips Dynalite control products includes user interfaces (UIs), integration devices and load controllers.


RAPIX Lighting Control System is a DALI and Ethernet based system designed in Australia that is purpose-built for installation in commercial buildings. The RAPIX Lighting Control System architecture leads to simpler system design, easier installation and faster commissioning times. The RAPIX Lighting Control System is designed to communicate directly with both Ethernet and DALI without additional gateways or other devices to meet the International Standard for lighting control. The RAPIX Lighting Control System can be easily scaled to suit all lighting control applications, from boardrooms, to single-level tenancies to entire building solutions. Third Party integration has been made possible based on TCP/IP which allows third party system quickly and easily be integrated seamlessly with RAPIX. Integrated Emergency Monitoring and reporting to AS2293 compliance is achieved with the same RAPIX system where exit and emergency fittings are installed with DALI compliant drivers for no additional hardware overhead or cost to further simplify system design, maintenance and reduce associated costs. With 128-bit standard encryption, script replay guards and authenticated communications, the RAPIX Lighting Control System has security of your client’s control systems and data as a core requirement of the system design.


zencontrol is an innovative lighting control system, with fully compliant and certified DALI and DALI version 2 support as per IEC62386. zencontrol removes the complication associated with lighting control. The system is Cloud-based meaning it connects both wirelessly and through wires, it communicates with the connected devices and keeps the buildings system up to date. Using smart technology, zencontrol automates all the tasks that used to be manual. It is a ‘plug and play’ solution that easily integrates numerous building services including HVAC, AV, lights, sensors, blinds and security to name just a few. zencontrol is also designed to target cybersecurity risk and uses the industry-proven TLS 1.2. It enables building owners to: reduce the costs associated with energy consumption; quickly and efficiently monitor and control multiple sites remotely using cloud control; manage and maintain emergency lighting in small tenancies, as well as the entire building; reduce costs, increase speed and remove the risk of a single point of failure through the installation of a single controller.


Casambi is an advanced lighting control solution which utilises Bluetooth Low Energy and Mesh technology as a form of communication between devices providing users with a simple way to interact with the system through either smart phone/tablet control or through a range of accessories such as switches and sensors. Casambi technology can be integrated into luminaires, LED-drivers and even within LED modules or bulbs, creating an optimal solution in terms of ease of installation and functionality with minimal additional hardware and deployment costs. The system provides a mesh network where all the intelligence of the system is replicated in every node and therefore, creates an app-controlled lighting system with no single point of failure. A Casambi network can control a large number of fixtures from any point. It also allows for firmware updates over the network, allowing any kind of changes to be made ‘over the air’. In this kind of fully distributed and symmetric architecture, any unit can go offline and catch up from others when they are back online.

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