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Northern Hospital Epping

The Northern Hospital Inpatient Expansion with Human Centric Lighting (Circadian Rhythm) in the ICU bays and ward circulation.

The project was delivered successfully based on the following specification:

1) C-Bus Lighting Control System utilising the C-Bus Automation Controller 5500NAC in combination with Schneider DALI Power Supplies and DALI DT8 type fitting. 

2) Circadian Rhythm Lighting Control Methodology:

  • ICU bed bay lighting to cycle through Circadian Rhythm program from ‘morning’ setting through ‘night’ setting.
  • Provision for ‘EXAM’ button on the lighting control panel in each bay which will immediately set all lighting within the bay to 4000K and maximum intensity for patient examination.
  • Circadian Rhythm in all other areas will not be disrupted and continue its cycle. Circadian Rhythm to resume cycle when “EXAM” switched off.
  • ICU ward circulation lighting to cycle through Circadian Rhythm to create a more consistent ambience around the ward.

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