At Pulse Automation we continually strive to ensure we provide our clients with a proven world class control technology, designed and commissioned to the highest degree, enabling them to confidently operate their space in a safe, reliable and energy efficient manner.

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OZ-USI-6 – RAPIX Xi USI Universal Switch Input

OZ-SEN-PRLLSW ╤В╨Р╨г DALI RAPIX Xi Occupancy Sensor

DGOZ-TCSW-LR35 ╤В╨Р╨г RAPIX LCD Touch Switch

DGOZ-MPX-PIR6 ╤В╨Р╨г Multiplexor for Occupancy Sensors

DGOZ-MOSW-S-RO ╤В╨Р╨г RAPIX Modular Slave switch ╤В╨Р╨г Rocker

DGOZ-MOSW-S-RE ╤В╨Р╨г RAPIX Modular Slave switch ╤В╨Р╨г Rotary

DGOZ-MOSW-S-PB ╤В╨Р╨г RAPIX Modular Slave switch ╤В╨Р╨г Push Button

DGOZ-MOSW-M-RO ╤В╨Р╨г RAPIX Modular Master switch ╤В╨Р╨г Rocker

DGOZ-MOSW-M-RE ╤В╨Р╨г RAPIX Modular Master switch ╤В╨Р╨г Rotary

DGOZ-MOSW-M-PB ╤В╨Р╨г RAPIX Modular Master switch ╤В╨Р╨г Push Button

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